jseaton photography | About

Jim takes and edits all the photographs and Nancy does everything else. Jim doesn't have a single favourite subject. He photographs anything he finds interesting. He approaches each situation with the idea of “how can I make this photograph different”? Whether it’s in the composition of the photograph itself or in the editing process, his goal is always the same.

                                                                 To be different.

In the editing process he recreates what he saw when he took the photograph, not necessarily what was there. He never use a workflow, a template, or any type of cookie cutter approach to accomplish this. He wants his photographs to draw you in, make you feel like you are part of the scene. To be where he was, and to feel how he did when he took the photograph. He photographs anything he find interesting, and edits to re-create the emotion he felt at that time. He is self taught, so not knowing all the rules means he often break them but, some people actually think it’s good to think outside the box sometimes. He's not an expert photographer nor does he pretend to be one. All he wants to do is, photograph the things he finds interesting, and share them with others.

He enjoys photography and the whole creative process involved in turning a photograph into art.

Jim and Nancy Seaton