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Please allow me to introduce myself and the services I offer.


My name is Jim Seaton and I’m a photographer. As you can see from my website I do not photograph weddings, portraits, engagements, or any other type of function, nor do I have any intention of doing so. I take and sell my own photographs.



So what is the service I’m offering?

Slideshows on DVD.


I use Photodex Proshow Producer to create these cutting edge videos. I call them videos because that is really what they are. With the motion, effects, and transitions that are available with this software, still pictures actually become a video.


What the Client gets:

A slideshow that is playable in a DVD player or on a computer, it can include the jpeg files used to create the slideshow (that’s up to you).

Each slideshow contains 100 photographs, a customized menu with 4 chapters, your entire DVD will be approximately 16 minutes long. The chapters with 20 photographs will be a little over 3 minutes, 40 photographs approximately 6 ½ minutes.


The chapters are:

  • GROWING UP 20 photographs
  • ENGAGEMENT 20 photographs
  • WEDDING 40 photographs (we use the wording of the invitation for this chapters beginning title)
  • HONEYMOON 20 photographs



The client picks 6 songs, 1 each for GROWING UP, ENGAGEMENT, HONEYMOON,  the MAIN MENU, and 2 for the WEDDING chapter.



Each chapter has opening and closing titles, these will appear superimposed over the first and last photograph in each chapter, except for the WEDDING chapter. For the WEDDING chapter we can have the text of the wedding invitation scroll over top of a background photograph. Therefore we will need a copy of the wedding invitation.


DVD case:

The case will have a photograph (which the client chooses) on the front. The names of the wedding party and your company information printed on the back. Each DVD begins with a short intro. displaying your company information.

No where is there any jseaton photography branding.

The client makes all the decisions and provides all the material except for the slide transitions and effects. This guarantees they have a unique slideshow and not something that is mass produced. 


What is the process?

  1. we email you all the forms and written instructions the client needs
  2. you email the forms and written instructions to the client
  3. they drop off all the completed forms and material to your office
  4. you call us
  5. we pick up the material
  6. we create the DVD
  7. we return everything to your office
  8. you call the customer
  9. they pick it up


We have no contact with the client, and as we said earlier there is no jseaton photography branding anywhere.


So how much does this service cost you the photographer? $100.00 gets you everything on a single DVD. Copies are available for $20.00.



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