jseaton photography | Nailed Up

This gallery is about being different. A 12x12 canvas with a foregrounds consisting of wine label, montages, or single images with different backgrounds. The backgrounds consist of metal, wood, or stucco and gives the appearance they are "nailed" up.
Bike On WallBénédictinParisiansChateau de la MeuteGRANDS CRUSLe Consulat in MontmartreMerlot in ParisCafé au Lait in MontmartreWith Friends in TinM Nadaud_ParisTower on Rue NorvisOlives in AixBread in AixMERLOT GRAPES 1MERLOT GRAPES 2MERLOT GRAPES 3MERLOT GRAPES 4MERLOT GRAPES 5MERLOT GRAPESSavignon Blanc in Amboise