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Your slideshow allows you to present your still photographs in a unique and captivating presentation.



Slideshow Format


Your slideshow will look like the DVD movie you purchase or rent, it is set up in the same way and the layout will look very familiar to you. It has a main menu where all the chapters are displayed, clicking on the image in a window plays that chapter. Your DVD is actually a slideshow or, a collection of slideshows that are saved onto a DVD.

The slideshow we create uses your photographs, your text, and your music. You supply all the content. That is why this makes your slideshow your creation and not ours.


What you get:

DVD case:

  • the front is customized with a photograph along with text describing contents
  • the back is also customizable, you can have more text describing your content



  • the main menu consists of up to four customized chapters
  • 100 photographs are included (yours)
  •  music (yours) plays during the main menu and all chapters
  • total of eight customized titles (your choice of content) that are placed at appropriate places in the slideshow
  • slideshow will be approximately thirteen to fourteen minutes long
  • customized DVD label



 Your Wedding slideshow.

Your DVD slideshow will be identical to the movie DVD you purchase. It will start with a short intro then go to your main menu. The main menu will have one of your photographs which you have chosen as a background and playing music which you have selected. You will see four chapters, GROWING UP, ENGAGEMENT, WEDDING, and HONEYMOON.


Choose 102 photographs, you need 100 for the 4 shows, 1 for the main menu background, and 1 for the front of the DVD case. Your entire slideshow will be approximately 11 minutes long.


  •     20 photographs for the GROWING UP chapter, approx. three and a half minutes long
  •     20 photographs for the ENGAGEMENT chapter, approx. three and a half minutes long
  •     40 photographs for the WEDDING chapter, approx. seven minutes long
  •     20 photographs for the HONEYMOON chapter, approx. three and a half minutes long

Your package is for 100 digital photographs, if we need to scan photographs there is a per photo charge. If we need to scan photographs they need to be numbered on the back in the order they are to appear. We suggest you use painters tape so you can remove it afterwards.


Pick 6 songs, 1 each for GROWING UP, ENGAGEMENT, HONEYMOON, MAIN MENU, and 2 for the WEDDING chapter.


Each chapter has opening and closing titles, these will appear superimposed over the first and last photograph in each chapter, except for the WEDDING chapter. For the WEDDING chapter we can have the text of the wedding invitation scroll over top of a background photograph. Therefore we will need a copy of your wedding invitation.


DVD case:
The case will have a photograph (which you have chosen) on the front, with the names of your wedding party printed on the back.






Our Wedding Slideshow sample




A short sample of a TRAVEL Slideshow.

You can go FULL SCREEN by hitting the display option in the bottom right of the viewing panel after you hit the PLAY button.

Hitting the "Esc" key on your keyboard gets you back to your original screen size.



What other topics do people make into a slideshow?

  • wedding
  • engagement
  • maternity
  • newborn
  • baptism
  • birthday
  • memorial tribute
  • family
  • pet
  • special/sporting event

Actually, any event where you have a number of photographs that you want to present in a unique and entertaining fashion. By adding unique transitions, effects, titles, and music you'll never look at a photograph the same way again. Why? Because these are no longer the static conventional photograph, these are photographs that tell your story.




We email you all the instructions and documents you will need to make this as painless as we can. You drop everything, we call you when it's finished. We give you a short viewing so you an see what the slideshow looks like.That's it!

Keep in mind that this will be your creation, the only decision we make are the effects and transitions. You supply all the photographs, music, and text for the titles. It’s your very own movie, and not something that rolls off a production line.